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Social media has already offered brands with the chance to directly engage with customers. Some have got it all figured out while many still struggle to make an impact on the social media stage. We at Moving Walls provide brands the opportunity to run integrated social media campaigns that can be featured on our screens. Our engagement screens have social media integration capabilities. We can make Facebook posts famous and give Tweets meaning. The common misconception is that people need to be on-the-ground, near our screens, to be able to engage with them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Social media interaction means that many of our campaigns include participants from all over Malaysia, and even the rest of the world.


We teamed up with Petronas and Zenith Optimedia to run a social media digital-outdoor campaign to celebrate Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team’s Formula One championship win in 2014. They wanted to share this joyful moment with the rest of Malaysia to make them feel proud of the nation’s achievement and inadvertently build the spirit of unity.


The event centered on the interactive digital engagement screens at Pavilion where the theme was an interactive tweet campaign using #PETRONASFormulaWin via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  It was complemented with ground activities where there were prizes for selected tweets at intervals and promoters in F1 jump suits carrying iPads encouraging people to tweet their joy.



We provide a virtual indoor playground that allows multiple players to interact with colourful graphics and sounds projected onto floors or walls. A range of customized games that run on floor, wall, and glass and on smart phones can be developed.


There is a wide variety of fun, active and educational games available to ensure that this technology appeals to all age-groups. These include playing a giant piano, popping balloons and even a challenging virtual football game. This has significant advantages over physical structures that limit players to just a few actions.


Your body is the controller. Various actions such as stepping, stomping or running can be used depending on the nature of the game. Digital games have a reputation of discouraging physical activity among young children. With an interactive playground, you get the best of both worlds – a digital gaming experience and active physical movement.

The virtual playground also eliminates the dangers posed by old, worn out structures and germs. People can enjoy the same level of outdoor activity in a controlled environment. The interactive playground also offers full access throughout the year. There will be no more staying-in during the rainy season.


We have already provided interactive playground technology to prominent fast-food outlets. Client boast that the technology is not only easy to use but requires minimal maintenance and supervision compared to the traditional playgrounds.

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