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Moving Experiences connect consumers to brands via digital experiences that create lasting memories. Using gamification, live activation and social media campaigns, we amplify your brand’s message to both an offline and online audience.


Engagement: People are exposed to hundreds of brand messages every day. How does one stand out? When you get your audience to interact with your campaign, you go beyond exposure to a memorable experience. Using a motion gesture game, for example, people will stop and interact with your campaign.


• Measurable Impact: Using tools from our Moving Insights technology, all our digital campaigns are tracked so you know the impact you made. We capture live audiences using eyeball tracking and sensors and measure online reach and engagement.


• Real-Time: We offer comprehensive off-the-shelf digital campaign ideas to help you capitalise on trends and events. These ideas can be customised to meet your branding needs and can be executed within hours.


• Online and Offline: We believe that campaigns should not be limited to a single location. Our experiential campaigns have an impact both offline (live participants) and online (social media sharing).


Moving Experiences has been pioneering digital experiential campaigns in Malaysia – Won Silver for Best Creative Team at the Spark Awards for Media Excellence 2015 held in Singapore. Moving Walls was overall 2nd in South Asia, Southeast Asia and ANZ region.

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