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We work with a variety of partners to design and deliver moving, magical campaigns that are fun and engaging


The Introduction


moving minds challenge 2014

We offered leading brands the chance to compete and showcase their creativity in the Moving Minds Challenge 2014. Between January 14th and Jan 26th, international and regional brands such as McDonalds, Castrol, Intel, Ambank, Chatime and Malindo Air among others were given free airtime on The Tower, Malaysia’s largest solid state LED engagement screen to create an emotional impact on their audience.


The challenge had an elite panel of judges comprising Directors and CEOS of the top creative agencies in Malaysia. The event encouraged leading clients to invest in emerging media, such as digital outdoor engagement screens, by providing them with a testing field to utilize a platform that guarantees consumer engagement.


The Introduction


We created the Love Generator Challenge to expedite the process of digital to outdoor media adoption. Through it, budding university students had the platform to become creative developers for 10 leading brands in different industry segments


The central theme of the challenge – Love – revolves around the need to create an emotional connection between consumers and brands. Industry professionals became designated Love Gurus as they mentored the students to make sure the end products would be of professional standard.


The winners were invited to the Malaysian Media Conference 2014, where they received cash prizes and a chance to impress top players in the media industry. The challenge yielded innovative ideas, some of which were adopted by real brand while several winning students received on-the-spot internship opportunities.


The Introduction

We designed a campaign to give the Frost and Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards 2014 “Minutes of Fame” in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. For the first time ever, the best moments from the awards ceremony, including the award winners, were displayed on the largest solid state LED screen in Kuala Lumpur in real-time, while the event was happening.


We did this to show brands that they could share their moments of joy with the people that matter the most – the consumers in real-time rather than simply publishing it in the papers and their websites the next day.



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